Make the world a better place with ChoViva

We live and love the taste of chocolate. We also love our planet and advocate for sustainable resource management. And one question in particular is always on our minds: How can we combine these two worlds to create a luscious chocolate delight that is also eco-friendly?

The next level of delight

We’ve reinvented chocolate by cutting CO₂ - emissions

ChoViva is a brand new, chocolatey taste experience. Just entirely without cocoa beans, but with oats and sunflower seeds - ingredients that grow right here on our doorstep. And that is only one of the great things about ChoViva.

cookies with ChoVivawoman eats ChoViva chocolate alternative

7 reasons, why we love ChoViva

Delicious taste

Yummy, smooth and oh so chocolatey, makes even picky chocoholics happy

100% natural ingredients

No frills, no additives, no flavour enhancers, no preservatives – just a few simple but high-grade basics

Up to 90% less CO₂- emission*

Short distances, local farming and production help us create a lean carbon footprint

Up to 30% less sugar*

But still full of flavour - you won’t miss a thing thanks to the oat’s natural sweetness

Up to 94% less water use*

Our crops are harvested sustainably and responsibly to save resources because every drop counts

Short supply chains

Grow, manufacture, deliver, indulge – we cut emmisions by taking the shortest way to you

Avoidance of deforestation

No to cocoa means avoiding tropical rainforest clearing, which reduces the devastating loss of biodiversity

*ChoViva vegan: 0.86 kg CO₂ e per kg; conventional chocolate: 19 kg CO₂ e per kg. Poore, J., & Nemecek, T. (2018)


What is ChoViva?

ChoViva is the world’s first cocoa-free chocolate alternative, made with locally sourced crops that don’t need tropical climate to thrive like cocoa trees do.


What’s the secret behind ChoViva?

We are passionate about chocolate, and we've developed a deep knowledge of its history and production in order to understand what’s behind the unique spectrum of flavours. Here’s what we’ve found out: It’s not about the cocoa-beans, but about the way they are treated during the manufacturing process. 80% of the typical chocolatey aromas develop during fermentation and roasting. We’ve adapted this insight to regional sources – voilà, ChoViva (ok, it wasn´t that simple, to be honest).


What’s so special about ChoViva?

ChoViva consists of 100% natural and simple, locally grown main ingredients such as oats and sunflower seeds that are treated like cocoa-beans. We let them unveil their rich blend of aromas, grind the mix and conche it like a premium chocolate.


How does ChoViva taste?

ChoViva looks like chocolate and tastes like it: irresistibly yummy, creamy, tender and velvety. The innate sweetness of oats actually makes it sweet enough even with less sugar. The special manufacturing process unlocks a typical chocolatey character, garnished with fine notes of roasted aromas.

Chocolate is irreplaceable.But there’s an alternative.

ChoViva chocolate alternative

To us, ChoViva is not a replacement for chocolate - it’s a sustainable alternative ingredient that paves the way for a more climate-friendly manufacturing. Thanks to its innovative and patented recipe, it can be used just like conventional chocolate. That means the ChoViva range is constantly being expanded on with new culinary creations.

Containing only ingredients that matter.

ChoViva is made with

  • minimum 20% oats and und sunflower seeds
  • sustainable plant-based fats
  • sugar
  • either milk powder or oat flour (vegan version)

ChoViva in the making

It all starts with some simple, natural, high-grade ingredients: oats, sunflower seeds, sugar, and plant-based fats.
oat field
Our oats and sunflower seeds pass an innovative fermentation-like process based on ancient beer brewing technology; afterwards, the crops are gently roasted.
oats and sunflower seeds
The roasted ingredients are ground into a concentrate that comes quite close to cocoa powder: rich in flavours and full of typical chocolatey aromas.
roasted ingredients in bowls
We mix the ChoViva concentrate with more ingredients, grind the mass again (and again), add plant-based fats and conche the mix to finally get the perfect creamy and smooth texture. Now, ChoViva is ready to be further processed just like conventional chocolate.
ChoViva concentrate