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Now available at REWE in Germany: New products with ChoViva

REWE is the first food retailer, together with PENNY to offer the delicious chocolate alternative ChoViva in selected private label products, from cereals to Waffle Bits and Neapolitaner Waffles. Try it now!

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Climate-friendly indulgence: ChoViva reduces CO₂ emissions by up to 90 % compared to traditional chocolate.*

ChoViva is made of key ingredients that grow just around the corner instead of being shipped around the globe. Our goal: keep supply chains as short as possible, support the fight against deforestation and relieve the strained cocoa production cycle. In this way ChoViva helps save valuable resources and creates just one tenth of CO₂-emissions compared to conventional chocolate – a measure that has been generated and certified by CarbonCloud.

*ChoViva vegan: 0.86 kg CO₂ e per kg; conventional chocolate: 19 kg CO₂ e per kg. Poore, J., & Nemecek, T. (2018)

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Big ideas start with great taste: ChoViva is not just one product - it’s a new compound ingredient, developed especially for use in the food industry. With ChoViva, we provide a yummy and easy-to-use alternative to chocolate, so that manufacturers can offer a more climate-friendly version of their products and innovations. Enjoy the sweet side of life in a more sustainable way!

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Spread happiness, come up with a sweet surprise or bake fantastic recipes: whatever chocolate can do for you, ChoViva can do, too - check out our Instagram channel for inspiration!

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