ChoViva is new and totally different but still incredibly yummy and oh so chocolatey. No wonder, people are questioning the why and how behind it. Feel free to ask whatever comes to mind, we are ready to tell you more about it…

Why does ChoViva exist?
What is ChoViva?
How does ChoViva taste?
What is ChoViva made of?
How is ChoViva produced?
Are there any “chemicals“ in ChoViva?
Is ChoViva vegan?
Does ChoViva contain alcohol?
Does ChoViva have the stimulating effect of chocolate containing cocoa?
Can ChoViva be used for baking?
Is ChoViva safe for people with allergies?
Is ChoViva safe for childen?
Is ChoViva suitable for pregnant women?
Is ChoViva toxic to dogs?
Where is ChoViva manufactured?
How much CO₂ does ChoViva save compared to conventional chocolate?
What is CarbonCloud?
Where can products with ChoViva be bought?
What is the ChoViva seal?
Is ChoViva competing with chocolate?

… anything else?

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